Ticket Writers Performance, Parts vs Labor

Evaluate the performance of each of your employees who write service tickets.

  • Role

    Owner / Manager

  • Job

    Train service writers to maximize service tickets

  • Recommended Use


Benefits to You:

Maximize your Service Department profits
  • Identify employees that are under selling labor
  • Identify employees who are underselling add on parts.
Maximize Lifetime Value of your customers
  • When customers come in for service work, it benefits them to have legitimate upsells that improve their experience. For instance, a bike shop that does not offer replacement tires, when needed,is doing the customer a disservice.
  • When customers are respectfully and honestly upsold, their loyalty grows and they are far more likely to return for future purchases as well as recommend the store to friends.
Improve the accuracy of your inventory data.
  • Items or labor sold by using the Misc and Labor buttons will not appear on critical performance reports (both in Retail and Analytics). This hinders your ability to do inventory planning , or know what service is being performed. Keeping the misc. rate low will enable better insights in the future.

How it's calculated:

  • This report shows data for all workorders over the last 1 complete month, by employee.
  • Avg Basket Size is total of all individual sale lines divided by the total number of done and paid workorders.
  • Misc Rate is the number of sale lines created by using Misc. or Labor buttons on workorders, divided by the total number of sale lines.
  • Labor is the total amount of labor included on done and paid workorders.
  • Other is the total amount of all other lines included on done and paid workorders.
  • Workorder Total is the sum of total labor, total parts, and the total of all other items included on workorders that are done and paid.

Additional Variations:

Pivot By Month
  • The default report, pivoted by Month name, so you can see whether your ticket writers' performances have improved over time.
By Shop
  • For multi-shop owners: The default report, but grouped by shop instead of by employee. With this, you can compare the ticket writing performance across all your locations.
Performance Bar Graph
  • This variation offers a simple bar graph comparing the average basket size of all your ticket writers. With this, you can quickly gauge their general performance, or schedule the report to be emailed to your team so they can keep track of their metrics.

Next Steps:

    • Use this report to set performance goals for your service writers over the next time period.
    • Filter by a specific employee and schedule a meeting to review their performance.
    • Customize your workorder menu and consider removing the misc. and labor buttons.[link needed](document)