Individual Performance

This report lets you see each of your employee’s personal sales performance month over month over a certain time period.

  • Role

    Owner / Manager

  • Job

    Maximize employee performance

  • Recommended Use


Benefits to You:

Increase profits by maximizing employee performance.
  • Employees who are well managed, and improving in performance, are the best way to improve overall store profitability.
Save time on your employee reviews.
  • Objective employee reviews, built upon measurable performance data are faster to execute.
Reduce employee turnover costs.
  • Objective employee reviews, built upon measurable performance data, are a great way to support long term growth of your team members. Long term employee growth leads to higher retention rates.
  • Recruitment, hiring, and training of new employees is much more costly than retaining existing and valuable employees.

How it's calculated:

  • This report pulls individual sales data from each employee over the last 4 months. Filter to specific employees to see their performance.
  • Hours worked is calculated from the time clock entries in Lightspeed.
  • Profit per hour is calculated by taking the sum of profits from all sales, per employee, and dividing by the number of hours worked.
  • Average Basket Size is the number of individual sale lines, not the number of individual items sold, divided by the number of completed sales per employee.

Additional Variations:

With Category, Description, and Quantity Sold
  • The default report with an additional measure for "Quantity Sold" and added category and description filters. With these, you can refine the report to see how much your employees sold of a particular type of item. This can be useful if you are running a promotion, or internal contest, for a particular category or item.
With Discounts
  • Default report with additional measure for "Average Discount Percentage", so you can see how much your employees' sales totals were affected by discounting.

Next Steps:

  • Use this report to set unique performance goals for your employees.
  • Set up additional training sessions for employees that need to improve.
  • Go to the Team Performance report to see how your staff is performing overall.