Commonly Bought Together

Use this report to find a list of two products that are frequently purchased on the same sale so you can maximize product upsell, merchandising, and bundling opportunities.

  • Role

    Owner or Marketing Manager

  • Job

    Promotions, Merchandising

  • Recommended Use


Benefits to You:

Increase profits by increasing average basket size.
  • When you develop strategies to merchandize your store, bundle products together, and understand easy upsell opportunities, your average basket size will increase and therefore your profits.
Increase Lifetime Value of your customers
  • When you make product upsells, or product bundling suggestions that truly benefit your customers, their loyalty increases. When loyalty increases, so does the lifetime value of those customers.
Empower and retrain your staff
  • It’s one thing to tell your staff to upsell more, but it is much more empowering to give them a clear playbook for how to do it.
  • Empowered employees are not only more productive, but they are far more likely to remain at the store.

How it's calculated:

  • Sale Line 1 is an item that commonly has another item purchased with it.
  • Sale Line 2 Description is the item that is commonly bought with the item in Sale Line 1.
  • # of Sales is the amount of sales that included both of these items, giving you a tally of how often these items are bought together.

Additional Variations:

By Manufacturer
  • The default report but grouped by manufacturer instead of item, so you can see which brands people often buy together.
By Vendor
  • The default report but grouped by vendor instead of item, so you can see which brands or suppliers people often buy together.
With Category Filters
  • The default report with added filters for category, so you can refine the results to particular segments of your inventory.

Next Steps:

  • Merchandise your store to group commonly bought together items.
  • Create product bundles of commonly bought together items, and price as a single item.
  • Train your staff to understand which items sell well together as a way to drive more upsells.