Misc Sales

This report helps identify inventory that is being entered and sold incorrectly. It is organized by employee to create training opportunities.

  • Role

    Store Owner

  • Job

    Improving Employee Performance

  • Recommended Use


Benefits to You:

Optimize your inventory
  • If an item is being sold as a misc. charge, it means that this item physically exists in your store but not in your POS. Find and correct these mistakes to make sure you are making inventory decisions based on accurate reporting data.
Improved Employee Performance
  • Identify employees who are entering misc. charges and give them additional training so this behavior decreases.
  • Use this report to identify missing store processes that may be causing the use of misc sales. Ie. Are items not being barcoded regularly?
Healthy inventory through accurate reporting
  • Accurate sales reporting allows for optimal inventory planning which leads to more profitability.
  • Other reports that offer inventory planning recommendations only work when inventory records are accurate. Accurate Item records allows you to trust your reports which empower profitable inventory planning.

How it's calculated:

  • Sale Line filter is Miscellaneous
  • The Sale Line is not part of a work order (to avoid showing correctly entered labor charges or work order notes)
  • Date range filter is past 30 days
  • Misc sales are listed per employee
  • Report is pivoted by week

In other words, we list your employees and show how many misc. charges they enter per week.

Additional Variations:

Pivot by Month
  • Default report pivoted by month, so you can see whether your employees' miscellaneous sales have increased or decreased over time.
With Employee Filter
  • Default report with added employee filter, so you can refine the report to particular employees.
With Shop Filter
  • For multi-shop owners, the default report with added shop filter so you can refine the report to particular locations.

Next Steps:

  • Update inventory records in Lightspeed as needed
  • Train Employees