Uncategorized Inventory

This report lets you see a list of items with no assigned category, so you can quickly assign and correct them. Uncategorized items will erode the quality of other reports used for decision making.

  • Role

    Owner or Inventory Manager

  • Job

    Improve data quality

  • Recommended Use


Benefits to You:

Healthy inventory through accurate reporting
  • High performing stores have their inventory well organized.
  • Accurate sales reporting allows for optimal inventory planning which leads to more profitability.
  • Other reports highlight minute differences between the margins and costs of items to make inventory planning recommendations. These reports only work when categories are accurate. Accurate Item records allows you to trust your reports which empower profitable inventory planning.
Employee Growth
  • This report will identify employee training opportunities.

How it's calculated:

  • This report pulls a list of all items that have no category assignment in Lightspeed.

Additional Variations:

With Quantity on Hand and Cost
  • Default report, with the additional measures of each item's quantity on hand and the total cost of the current quantity on hand, so you can see how much of your assets are not being captured in your inventory reports.
With Vendor and Manufacturer Filters
  • Default report with the above filters added, so you can refine the report to specific segments of your inventory. A number of uncategorized items from the same vendor could indicate an improperly received purchase order.

Next Steps:

  • Find all your uncategorized items in Lightspeed POS and set a category for each one.
  • Start with all items that have inventory.
  • Go here to quickly edit all your uncategorized items.