Margin Alert

This report lets you see the items that have been sold at cost, or had zero cost entered in their item record. These 0% and 100% margin sale lines could indicate incorrectly entered purchase orders , or inappropriate discounting and could be affecting the accuracy of other critical reports.

  • Role

    Store Owner / Inventory Manager

  • Job

    Cleaning Up Data

  • Recommended Use


Benefits to You:

Healthy inventory through accurate reporting
  • Accurate sales reporting allows for optimal inventory planning which leads to more profitability.
  • Other reports highlight minute differences between the margins and costs of items to make inventory planning recommendations. These reports only work when the costs are accurate. Accurate Item records allows you to trust your reports which empower profitable inventory planning.
Accurate tax filing
  • Gross and Net profit are calculated incorrectly if COGS is not entered properly in your sales history.
  • Current inventory levels will be reported inaccurately if costs are not entered correctly per item.
Employee Growth
  • This report will identify employee training opportunities.

How it's calculated:

Default Measures Used
  • Sale Line Total
  • Sale Line Margin
Default Filters Used
  • Item is non-inventory: non-inventory items typically do not have cost entered (as they are often coupons or labor.)
  • Sales Completed Date = last 1 year.
  • Sales Line Margin = only 0% and 100% margin sales. Only items that were sold for the exact amount of their cost, or items that have no cost in their record will appear.

Available Variations:

By Employee
  • Default report, but grouped by employee instead of by item, so you can compare how many alerts occur with each of your employees.
By Vendor
  • Default report, but grouped by vendor instead of description, so you can see if a number of alerts are coming from a particular vendor. This could indicate an improperly received order.
With Description and Category Filters
  • Default report with these added filters, so you can refine the alerts to particular segments of your stock.
With Shop Filter
  • For multi-shop owners, the default report with an added shop filter so you can refine the alerts to a particular location.

Next Steps:

  • Edit Inventory Records (found in the history tab of the item’s page) with accurate cost and price (sort by Sale Line Total to tackle the largest inaccuracies first). Doing this will also correct your past sales reports.
  • Edit inventory records for items that appear but should be filtered out (by labor or rental)
  • Train Employees to enter the cost when receiving items.