Recent Sales

A simple sales report that acts as a great starting point for your own custom reports.

  • Role

    Any Analytic User

  • Job

    Building Custom Sales Reports

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Benefits to You:

See A Quick Overview of Your Sales
  • The default view of this report offers a great way to see your overall revenue for each day over the last week. This can give you a simple snapshot of how your store is doing.
Learn how to customize and build complex reports
  • This report has all the same fields as our other, more complex sales reports (like Sales, Year over Year or Profit, Year over Year), but without their initial complexity.
  • You can use this report to learn how to customize the field and filters, and get the exact sales report you want.
  • The concepts learned here can then be used in any of our other reports.
Consistent Starting Point for Future Custom Sales Reports
  • Even after you’ve become a true-blue Analytics pro, this report offers a great starting point for you to build out your sales reports from scratch.

Customizations to Try (with How-To Gifs!)

Add additional measures to get more sale details
Adding Extra Measures

You can search for different measures in the sidebar, then click on them to add them to the report.

Switch the dimension to change what it is you’re reporting upon
Switching Dimensions

Here we search for and add Top-Level Category, then remove the date dimension. Now we are seeing the overall sales for the week organized by category.

Or add a dimension to make the report more granular
Adding a Dimensions

We can add the category dimension, and keep the date dimension. Now we see each category’s sales for that day.

Pivot One of your Dimensions, to visually simplify complex reports
Pivoting a Dimension

When hovering over the Category column, we see a gear icon that, when clicked, gives us an option to pivot. By pivoting on Category, we can see each date with the sale line total for each category displayed horizontally. So clean and cool!

Click “Totals” and “Row Totals” to add an extra level of information to your report.
Totals and Row Totals

By clicking both total checkmarks we are able to see the total for each category for the week so far, plus the total for each day across all categories!

Adjust the date filter to expand the scope of your report
Adjusting the Date Filter

We adjust the date range by clicking the Filters tab. Now we are seeing the sales for each category for the last 3 months.

Add additional filters to focus your report
Adding Additional Filters

All dimensions can be used as filters, and there are some filter-only fields. You can add the filter by hovering over the dimension name, and choosing filter. Our filters use OR logic. So we can filter this report to sales of Accessories OR Clothing. Then, we hover over the category dimension again and choose Pivot. This lets us see the sales for accessories and clothing for each day.

Available Variations:

This report’s variations each show the total, profit, and cost for the last week but organized around different dimensions.
  • These dimensions are:
    • Item
    • Category
    • Employee
    • Vendor
    • Manufacturer

In addition, we offer Sales by Day and Sales by Category, but set for the last month instead of week.

Next Steps:

Customize and Save a Report!
  • Remix and adjust this report to make it exactly what you need, then click Save as New in the top right to save it to your custom reports. Then you can return to all its richness without having to build it again from scratch.
Schedule the Report to be Emailed to You
  • If you want this report sent to you regularly, you can click Schedule in the top right. Then, choose how often you want it sent and who you want it sent to. This way you can send it to teammates without having to give them access to the rest of Analytics.
Check out our Documentation and Help Videos
  • There’s a lot more you can do with Analytics and custom reports. You can find some great guides to our other reports, along with some helpful how to videos, on our documentation page.