Low Stock Alerts

This report lets you see the items that have been selling well, but are low in stock, and should be reordered.

  • Role

    Inventory Manager

  • Job

    Increase Turns

  • Recommended Use


Benefits to You:

Smarter Purchasing
  • Re-order the items that have been selling before they are out of stock. Make sure you have stock on hand to meet customers’ demands.
Increase Profits
  • Don’t miss sales opportunities that could happen if a selling item is out of stock. Keep on top of your inventory so you capture all possible sales.
Increase Customer Lifetime Value
  • Keep customers happy by staying in stock on the products they expect you to have.
  • Build new customers: happy customers tell friends about the products they bought and where they bought them. These friends may come in to buy this same thing. Make sure you’re carrying it.

How it's calculated:

(Uses a Per Store Metric: Items will appear on this list if they meet the criteria for any of your stores.)

  • On Order is no - the item has not been placed on a PO for re-order.
  • On Transfer is no - the item is not being transferred from another store.
  • Days to sell out = 7 or less. We calculate the item will sell out within 7 days.
  • Quantity on hand is greater than 0 - see the recently out of stock report for all out of stock items.

Available Variations:

By Manufacturer
  • Default report, but grouped by manufacturer, so you can see if your low-stock products are from a few particular manufacturers.
By Top Category
  • Default report, but grouped by top level category, so you can see if a particular segment of your inventory has a lot of low-stock products.
By Vendor
  • Default report, but grouped by default vendor, so you can see if your low-stock products are from a few particular vendors.
With Total and Date
  • The Default report with an added measure for "Sale Line Total" and an added date filter. With these, you can view the sales of low-stock items over a set period of time (for example: their sales over the last 2 months).
  • Note, for multi-shops: This report is calculated per-store, and so will show the sales totals for only the locations where the listed item is low in stock. It is not necessarily the sales totals across all your locations.

Next Steps:

  • Build a new PO, or add to an existing PO for the needed products.
  • Create a transfer from another location to re-fill products
  • Count inventory and confirm quantities